Those Dreams

Garage Rain

I don’t have recurring dreams so much as I have recurring people who show up in my dreams. Depending upon the dream, I will recount what I can into my dream file, but at the very least, sometimes I’ll blog about it. As for these recurring people, one is an individual who used to attack me. It’s the typical military-stepfather-who-felt-comfortable-hitting-his-stepson routine, a sort of spin on the ol’ story you always hear about that heated uncle who used to beat his kids, often with a belt or worse. At any rate, all these years later I still have dreams where I’m fighting off this person. Sometimes he’s in the form of a demon and I’m terrified, trying to defend myself; yet in real life, I’m in bed, kicking and kicking. I have broken toes and bruised knees and shins from dreams like this.

The other person is that dreaded woman, the one every guy remembers as being in love with — in a serious way. I have not seen her in years, but every once in a while, I’ll have a vivid dream where I wake up feeling as though she were right there, actually in my room. It’s an odd feeling because my question’s been, since these dreams began: Am I appearing to her under similar dreamscape conditions? I would be interested in knowing.


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