Something Strange


It’s funny but there’s something strange going on, something I noticed the other day when I thought of you. It was like I was trying to concentrate, and suddenly I couldn’t. Like everything that was in front of me wasn’t as important as it was moments previous, and I felt something like a smile form on my face. Or maybe I’d be walking down the hallway and accidentally veer off direction, your smile coming over me. It was strange because it was like a thing flitting across my mind, kind of like when the wind causes a tree branch to move far enough to block the sun for a moment. There’s kind of a trigger, hard to explain, as if to try and say something involving you, I’d be speechless. It’s as if there’s an entire world of things that have to be done aligned and slotted for the doing, and the shape of this process takes on a different form when I feel the sensation of thinking of you entering my mind. It’s something strange, whatever it is, something good-strange.


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