Today I…

Today I woke to the silence of my studio hovel, minutes before the alarm was to go off. I’m verging on the point with my job where the days are beginning to blur, the routine developing into a system of soul destruction.

I drove to work, looking for the car I’d seen the day before, because there was some woman looking at me strangely, pointedly, as though I were someone she knew.

At work I sauntered into my cubicle, the space seemingly growing smaller, and began the tasks I was hired to do.

At lunchtime I walked to the park, where the downtown elites mingled about, partaking of their lunches and generally looking well-paid, well-clothed. Two women were sitting close to the spot where I muscled down a homemade salad; I couldn’t finish the thing because I wasn’t hungry. I went to go lay down in the shade and noticed that the two women had moved as well, close to where I lay, and I could hear one of them laughing.

The afternoon passed in my cubicle with a dull feeling, as though my mind and body were bruised, and I thought I could imagine the roof opening wide to the whiplash of a tornado.

I had to get gas on the way home, and here the competition stimulated my senses, where others were vying for the same pump stand as I, as we, the three of us, pulled in from three different entry points of the station.

At home I faced the devastation, the reality of where I’m forced to live, because I’m one of those people who never quite achieved financial success; here, my junkie neighbor accosted me, because that’s the way he is, and it doesn’t matter that I’m not thrilled about the whole of the situation.

I forced myself to work on some things, though my neck started hurting for some stupid reason.

In bed I thought about some things, meaningful things like hope and desire, along with some less meaningful things like the purchase of a new laptop, all this before I wrote about my day and then went to sleep.

So now I’m saying goodnight to everyone and my fellow bloggers, and sweet dreams until we meet again…


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