Frayed Edges of Life

Cracking Point

What exactly is that human phenomenon where someone comes face to face with the experience of cracking?

The term is a bit slang, but sums up the experience well. And we know there are cracks that appear when people are cast away into solitary confinement, or when the loss of a loved one causes a breakdown in the capacity to function. But what about those cases where a person moves through life as anyone would, only to find themselves one day completely incapacitated mentally? The world crumbles beneath them, their minds morphing into zones of utter cognitive mayhem.

Long before the breaking point in such a case, a series of troubling circumstances, it seems, gradually disrupts the ability to process information; yet it’s a lack of defense against this process that appears at issue. Say a child is left alone too often, without guidance during their formative years. All around them the myriad stimulus of the world ignites varying centers in the brain and lo and behold, as growth takes place, expectations develop.

Without guidance, or some kind of recognized source of stability, these can be a problem. Over time reality clashes with expectations so that the model resembles an active volcano. Pressure builds unto the bursting point and boom, all hope for control is lost. Emotions of confusion erupt in streams akin to molten lava. Couple the confusion with resentment, loss, struggle, abandonment, abuse, etc., and the destruction is titanic. Often this can be a scene of tears.

In the aftermath there is identity mutation, even scarring. Some become embittered while others, they become vapid. The world becomes an untrustworthy place. Thinking becomes a challenge, where the hours and the days pass by in a haze, and the sun seems to rise forever tainted by the memories of something that was never meant to be.

Is there a song to be sung, a thought to be had, or a prayer to be said for those who wander among the frayed edges of life?



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