I’ve been trying to rework my sleep/wake schedule, and so I was wide awake when I thought…well: I thought the world was ending.


I was just going to lay down, arranging myself in my bed (at 3:20 AM) when I felt the sudden feeling that the entire house was on water. I stood back up immediately, watching my monitor shut down and all the lights go out. The movement kept going and things began to fall over in my little kitchen. I stood at the doorway and the fog in the sky was illuminating with electric charges.

I knew it was an earthquake, but there was something else I was feeling, because in the distance, one particular series of illuminations were a bit alarming. I was rather amazed with myself, how nonchalant I was in thinking a nuke was going off in my face. I just thought, “Oh well, I guess it’s over.”

Anyways, it wasn’t over, and I’m glad because I haven’t finished publishing a series of short stories I finally wrapped up. Nevertheless, I was feeling adrenalin in my system as the lights around the street were flickering, and then luckily for Santa Rosa, all the power came back on rather soon.

Wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my next post but hey, as the title to this blog states, this is life as it happens baby.

In addition and by the way: the rolling sensation also made me think of being in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. In that case, I had been at a gas station near Dixon, CA and my truck just started rolling. I asked a friend standing there with me, “Is it me or is my truck moving?” Turns out, that quake was awful for people in the Bay Area.

Initial reports state that Napa County underwent some troubles, but I’m hoping no one got hurt like it happened in ’89.


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