Dealing With the Situation


At this point, everything seems so futile. I could pile the problems into a mountain that would surpass Mt. Everest, and yet I “keep on keeping on” as one individual so eloquently put it to me once. What an inspiring chap he was.

This chain of thought obviously has no direction, and that’s the way I like it. The other blogs I have — the time and unpaid effort that goes into thinking of a topic, and staying on topic, so that my writing can represent cohesion — are a nuisance (though I do love them). I just need a place to let my thoughts roam free. I’m not looking to make a book deal here.

That being said, I was adopted. Ugh, what a can of worms that one opens. For all of you cheery folks who are endeared to the world of adoption, yippity-yay for you. For me, adoption totally and utterly sucked. But if it’s worth anything, I was born mid-October, 1968 in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you or anyone else knows of a woman who gave their baby boy up for adoption around this time, please leave a comment. I am blonde with blue eyes, and I’m only about twenty pounds overweight — which is excellent since this problem was way worse!

In time, this blog will be replete with the details, but for today, I am overcoming the shock of being stuck in a horrid place to live. I had thought I was going to be moving back to my home area (generally speaking, Northern California or Central Valley California), but no such luck for me, and now I’m a stranger in a strange land. Let me rephrase: I am a poor person in a land with no housing for the poor (Sonoma County is for rich people only). I had come here to complete my thesis, which I did so thankfully, but I thought some things that I shouldn’t have about my future, and now I’m paying the price.

Warning to anyone who might’ve read this: I will write more.

Goodbye for now…



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